Murder Mystery Parties

A thrilling experience full of mayhem, intrigue, backstabbing and more. Perfect for team building or a group celebration!

Murder Mystery Parties

Our murder mystery parties are ideal for both large and small groups. Choose from two formats and multiple themes: 

Murder Mystery “Show” Format

A performance where everyone in the audience is a detective working to sold the mystery as it unfolds. 

  • Includes Host + Actors
  • Most popular theme: Speakeasy

Murder Mystery “Immersive” Format 
An interactive format where everyone plays a part. Your guests will be mixing and mingling as they try to decide who among you is the guilty party. 

  • Ideal for team building
  • Clues and roles can be distributed either in advance or at start of the party 
  • Popular themes: 1920s, Masquerade Ball, Totally Rad 80s

Let’s do some sleuthing together to select the best format and theme for your group.