Virtual Magic & Mind Control

Everyone gets a front row seat for an incredibly engaging and jaw-dropping virtual performance by the Incredible Chris Dugdale!

Virtual Magic & Mind Control with Chris Dugdale

Award-winning entertainer Chris Dugdale presents a journey of magic and binary mind-control in this virtual adaptation of his award-winning show. 

In “Down to 1,” one random audience member ultimately determines the success or failure of each show. 

Everyone gets a front row seat to experience and enjoy the incredible talent of a world-renowned magician! 

About Chris Dugdale: He has mystified everyone from Beyoncé to The Pentagon, where he became the only magician in history to receive a medal of honor following his standing ovation performance. Chris Dugdale has performed for celebrities and dignitaries the world over, including a private performance for the Queen of England. 

Bonus Idea: After his performance, Chris could even teach your audience a very cool card trick or two!