What Does “Dances With Wolves” Have to Do With Employee Engagement?

“Dances With Wolves” is a 3 hour, 56 minute movie. And I know that because that’s how I used to time my work day…

…I would come back from lunch in a past job and think, “I could watch the entire Dances With Wolves movie and STILL not be done with this day.”

So let me tell ya, I definitely know what employee engagement (and DISengagement) feels like. And it has a direct impact on the workforce – and your organization’s bottom line.

That’s why I’m so passionate about partnering with companies to enhance their employee engagement efforts through the power of joy and laughter through intentional events and training programs. And they’re all 100% virtual.

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Six Ways to Make Virtual Corporate Training More Effective

In a virtual setting you can cover more content in a condensed time, but you still need to make sure it’s delivered in such a way that it will be effective and retained as much as possible. 

1. Cameras On, Mics On!   
Ensure your participants are present and engaged. It also helps your facilitator know that everyone is following along or if any topic or individual needs more attention.

2. Switch it Up + Keep It Active
Fight the dreaded “Zoom Fatigue” by incorporating different activities in the virtual environment – i.e. the chat function, breakout rooms, and make time for health breaks (particularly for longer sessions). Engagement drives retention, so the more your participants are actively engaged, the more likely they are to retain the content. 

3. Consider the Different Learning Styles

  • Visual: Learn by Seeing – Share your screen to incorporate visuals, charts, PowerPoint, etc. 
  • Auditory: Learn by Hearing – Lecture and encourage group discussion (Hint: AVOID putting every word you speak on a PowerPoint slide – instead only put keywords or images and then SPEAK the content vs just reading off the slide). 
  • Read / Write: Learn by Reading + Writing – Encourage note taking, provide resources before, during and after the training whenever possible (worksheets, books, articles).  
  • Kinesthetic: Learn by Doing – Incorporate activities, encourage movement, incorporate the use and manipulation of physical items into your training (i.e. a deck of cards, origami, or other easily accessed items). 

    *Note: There are other learning styles, but these are the four most popular. 

4. Beware Information Overload 
Just because you said it, doesn’t mean they get it. Encourage active participation. Ask and invite questions. Be willing to sacrifice some content for more interaction. 

5. Incentivize + Consider Game Play 
Incorporate a fun game to the session. Better yet, raise the stakes by offering a team or individual prize (even just “bragging rights” can get people excited to play). Nothing like some fun, friendly competition to get attention spans going and energize a group.

6. Provide Practical Takeaways + Resources 
Provide resources for review, checklists, activities, books, and sources to learn more and continue the learning process after the training ends.

# # #

Oh yeah, did you know that in addition to being experienced trainers, all of our facilitators have a background in entertainment??

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The Time I Hosted 25+ Virtual Holiday Parties

Yeah. I’m tired.

December 2020: The month of virtual entertainment. And I did it all while not wearing shoes.

I hosted, emceed, coordinated and produced over 25 custom holiday parties – all 100% VIRTUAL.

What’s my secret? I’m not telling! *smiles* But I will tell you a BIG reason for my success is that I am skilled at selecting and partnering with the BEST in virtual corporate entertainment…

Entertainment Featured:
– Comedy
– Trivia
– Magic + Mind Control
– Live Music
– Mixology
– Hosted Party Games (and more!)

What an amazing adventure. It’s all about #engagement and fighting Zoom fatigue through fun, interactive, engaging #entertainment. And we’re just getting started.

My January calendar is getting filled up, too. This is my life now. And I’ve got more things planned in the new year. So Look Out!

But for now… I’m taking a nap! Zzzzz…

Have you heard the one about a Charlotte comedian who bombed, then came out ahead?

I was featured in The Charlotte Observer, you guys! And they told everyone my age! HA!

Note: You’ll need to sign up for a FREE account with The Charlotte Observer to read the article, but I think it’s worth it, and I hope you do, too!