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Engaging and captivating your audience while delivering a quality message that resonates, impacts and sticks.

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All training is performed virtually via Zoom with small group sizes for maximum engagement and resources with each training.

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What makes our training different?

In addition to being experienced in training, all of our facilitators have a background in entertainment! This means we understand how to engage and captivate a crowd while delivering a quality message that resonates, impacts and sticks.

Each program is designed to boost engagement, develop and enhance professional and leadership skills, strengthen teams and reinforce sales training. Our programs have an everlasting effect to ENGAGE participants, BOOST morale, and make training “STICK.” All of our training courses are delivered virtually via Zoom or the interactive platform of your choice.

Core Training Offerings

Finding the Funny in Times of Crisis

Throughout history, laughter has been used as a stress reliever and to help form meaningful connections with others. In this fun and interactive session, you'll discover why this is and how you can utilize laughter to reduce your own stress and help to inject levity into every day.

Facilitator: Lauren Ansley

Your Career Open Mic

If you had 60 seconds to make a lasting first impression on your company's CEO, what do you say? This session will provide you with the foundation to distill your message, clarify your strengths and crystalize the unique value you bring to the organization.

Facilitator: Shivani Nadarajah

The Power of the Inside Joke

An inside joke becomes a “shorthand” form of communication that builds rapport. Through the applied use of classic and interactive improvisational techniques, attendees engage in increasingly complex scenarios requiring creative thinking, listening skills, and team work.

Facilitator: Jenn Bianchi

Secrets of Influence

Build rapport instantly and captivate your audience in seconds. Increase productivity and vastly reduce procrastination with techniques you can incorporate immediately. Improve your relationships and more using proven and potent psychologically backed methods.

Facilitator: Chris Dugdale

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