Two Tips to “De-Awkward-ify” Your Virtual Meetings

How many times has this happened to you… You hop on virtual meeting and… *crickets.* No one is talking. The silence is deafening. We’ve attended a few networking events like this, and *phew* yeah. It’s awkward. And it sets an awkward tone for the entire meeting. A client recently reached out to us after theyContinue reading “Two Tips to “De-Awkward-ify” Your Virtual Meetings”

Energize Your Team With Virtual Music Bingo!

What if you could give your team a fun and creative mid-day energy BOOST to help ward off those afternoon productivity slumps? Virtual Music Bingo is an incredibly fun game full of ENERGIZING music with a Professional DJ! We handle all the details – bingo cards, music selection, and game play. Plus, we’ll happily hostContinue reading “Energize Your Team With Virtual Music Bingo!”

Our 3 Entertainment Packages: Emcee, Feature, Showstopper

With vaccinations on the rise, we’ll soon be seeing the emergence of in-person meetings and events! The virtual space remains a valuable and relevant method for communication, especially for remote and global teams. That’s why we’re now offering three flexible virtual event packages for small or large groups. Here’s more about each of them… HereContinue reading “Our 3 Entertainment Packages: Emcee, Feature, Showstopper”

The 5 Minute Ice Breaker

The 5-minute ice breaker is called “Take a Stance,” and here’s how it works: Set It Up: Everyone starts with their cameras OFF. Explain that you’ll be asking a series of questions and everyone has to pick between two options with their cameras. For example: Does pineapple belong on pizza? Yes or No?Turn your cameraContinue reading “The 5 Minute Ice Breaker”

The Funny Thing About Resilience

I recently presented on the topic of “Resilience” with a group of incredible business owners. When I did an image search online for “resilience,” I started seeing all these flowers blooming in harsh conditions – mostly concrete. I’m sure the flowers didn’t WANT to have to push through the concrete. And I’m sure they didn’t.Continue reading “The Funny Thing About Resilience”