8 Reasons to Incorporate Gamification at Your Next Meeting

8 Reasons to Incorporate Gamification at Your Next Meeting

At Ansley Corporate Entertainment, we work with organizations to help them infuse joy and laughter into their meetings, conferences and special events through engaging entertainment.

According to Zibbia, 90% of employees report that gamification makes them more productive at work. 

Here are eight (8) reasons to incorporate gamification at your next team meeting:

1. Increases interest and attention – suddenly everyone is focused, tuned in and engaged!

2. Encourages team building, collaboration and friendly competition – let the hilarious banner and “smack talk” begin!

3. People love incentives – from company swag to gift cards, people love winning “stuff!”

4. More engagement = more retention of key information – people remember more when they are actively participating!

5. Connects team members through collaboration – reinforce team bonds and help coworkers get better acclimated with one another!

6. Improves retention of information – people learn and retain more through action vs. passive listening!

7. Infuses otherwise dry content with stimulating fun and interaction – give your team a fun way to take in and remember the duller content!

8. Discourages the dreaded “information overload” – leaving time for audience interaction helps to prevent too much lecturing – people learn in shorter bursts vs. longer lectures!

Studies show our attention span only lasts about 15-20 minutes (!!), so incorporating gamification helps to keep your team engaged. 

On average, employees become 48% more engagement with the utilization of gamification.

A few examples of Gamification: Trivia Questions, Game Shows, Points Systems, Team Projects and Competitions, Minute to Win It Challenges, and more.

Ready to incorporate elements of gamification into your next meeting, conference or special event? Let’s talk.

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