3 Ways to Positively Transform Your Meeting Into the BEST Part of Your Team’s Day

3 Ways to Positively Transform Your Meeting Into the BEST Part of Your Team’s Day

At Ansley Corporate Entertainment, we work with organizations to help them infuse joy and laughter into their meetings, conferences and special events through engaging entertainment.

3 Way to Positively Transform Your Meeting

Here are three (3) ways you can transform your meeting into the BEST part of your teams’ day:

1. Incorporate fun and laughter to keep your audience tuned in and focused.
Ideas: Open your meeting with a light-hearted ice breaker, like our “Nametag Casserole” or “Top Secret” ice breakers. Sprinkle in one or more humorous quotes into your presentation. Tell a short, humorous story or play a funny (relevant!) video clip. 

2. Add energizing activities so your attendees stay actively engaged.
Ideas: Create a challenge for a group to complete, like one of our thoughtful keynotes (ahem – like one from our Founder, Lauren Ansley!) or incorporate some interactive, uplifting entertainment, like our Music Bingo or Social Scavenger Hunt activities.  

3. Reinforce connections through creative team building. 
Keep in mind: Team building doesn’t have to take all day. Sprinkle in thoughtful doses of intentional interaction throughout your meeting. We have ideas! Like your team building Activity Stations or our Starlight Starbright thought exercise. And these can be completed in around 15-30 minutes – pretty cool, huh? 

Bonus Tip: Avoid “information overload” by cramming in too much information into the meeting. Instead, allow for breathing room, Q&A, and general group discussion, too. You could even add in some trivia questions and give out prizes for correct answers.

Studies show our attention span only lasts about 15-20 minutes (!!), so mixing it up is encouraged to keep your team engaged. 

Reinforce and strengthen team bonds through incorporating deliberate team building activities into your meetings. We can help.

Ready to infuse more joy and laughter into your next meeting, conference or special event? 

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