Networking Top Tips to Maximize Connections

Networking Top Tips to Maximize Connections

Networking Top Tips to Maximize Connections

Here are our top tips to get the most out of your networking:

DOs and DON’Ts:

DO – Set a goal. Example: Challenge yourself to meet at least 5 new people.

DO – Ask to follow up. Then follow up!

DO – Schedule your follow up time on your calendar when you schedule the networking time. The gold is in the following up!

DO – Take notes about your conversation. Send yourself a quick text or voice memo, write some details on their card to help you remember what you talked about. This will come in handy when it’s time to follow up with them.

DO – Exit the conversation with grace. “Well *name*, it was really nice meeting you! I’m going to do a bit more mingling. Enjoy the rest of your evening!”

DON’T – Be a card ninja. It’s rude to throw your card at people and not take the time to get to know them personally. Be patient. More isn’t always better.

DON’T – Talk about the weather. Ask interesting questions. People love talking about themselves. “Who is your ideal client?” “What is something you really enjoy about your job?” “Is there anyone you’re trying to meet in particular tonight?”

DON’T – Get drunk. Self-explanatory. This is NOT a good look!

DON’T – Forget your business cards! Keep an extra stash in your car just in case.

DON’T – Wait to talk. Be present in the moment. Listen and ask questions based on what they said so you can have an organic conversation.

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