4 Introvert-Approved Icebreakers for Business Meetings

4 Introvert-Approved Icebreakers for Business Meetings

4 Introvert-Approved Icebreakers for Business Meetings

Q: Should we include an icebreaker at our next business meeting?

A. YES! Because they are incredibly effective at encouraging connections among even the most established teams, especially when facilitated properly. 

A well-orchestrated icebreaker helps to set the tone for a positive and productive meeting. 

Precious time dedicated for an introductory ice breaker has the potential to pay off dividends down the road, creating connections and helping to make outreach easier even after the meeting, especially for the introverts.

Here are My Top 4 Favorite Introvert-Approved Icebreakers for Team Meetings:

1.  Social Scavenger Hunts

Find someone who has more than 2 pets, etc. Perfect for newer teams.

Bonus idea: Add a time limit and include challenges to create excitement, like challenging each other to a Wind-Up Toy Race or Game of Connect Four! 

2. Name Tag Casserole

A self-guided blend of match game and conversation starter. Great for introverts and larger meetings!

You can make adjustments to fit the team composition (i.e. add in conversation cards or build the questions about a specific project or goal). 

3. Top Secret

Everyone anonymously shares a lesser-known personal fact (i.e. I was actually born in Massachusetts!).

It’s designed to surprise even the most established, familiar teams. 

4. Beach Ball Toss

Write a variety of questions on a beach ball, then toss it around a circle. Answer a different question on the ball each time you catch it.

i.e. What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done? Tell us about the best vacation you’ve ever taken. 

Is Your Next Meeting Virtual?

Online meetings can greatly benefit from ice breakers, too. For large meetings you could utilize breakout rooms with conversation starters.

Example: Share in your breakout the most functional thing you own? What’s something on your bucket list? For more established teams, kick it up a notch with custom challenges and activities.

Would you like our help to encourage better connections at your upcoming meeting?

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Thanks for reading! ~ Lauren Ansley, Founder, Ansley Corporate Entertainment + Beerly Funny


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