Ideas to Enhance Your Holiday Party This Year – Whether Virtual or In-Person

Ideas to Enhance Your Holiday Party This Year – Whether Virtual or In-Person

For VIRTUAL Holiday Parties:

1. Host a Jingle Mingle
It’s perfect for larger teams encourage smaller group conversations in breakout rooms. Provide a positive prompt to encourage conversation: i.e. “What’s your favorite part of the holidays?”

2. Send out Don’t Open Til’ Gifts
Include instructions to NOT open until the party so you can open them together! Bonus: Take a group screenshot of everyone holding their gifts!

3. Hire an Engaging Emcee
Never underestimate the power of a charmingly funny, engaging emcee with experience in event planning, hosting/emceeing and stand-up comedy to keep the party energized, engaging and flowing smoothly. I can suggest someone (Hint: It’s me)!

For IN-PERSON Holiday Parties:

1. Utilize Nametags
Particularly for larger groups, don’t assume everyone knows everyone else’s name, particularly if you have new team members!  

2. Set up Activity Stations
Structured or passive, these will encourage camaraderie and friendly competition. Example: Wind-Up Toy Races! Take photos to remember all the fun.

3. Hire an Engaging Emcee
An emcee sets the tone, makes key announcements, introduces speakers, and keeps the party energy going. I can suggest the perfect person for the job (Hint: It’s definitely me)!

Kick this year’s holiday party up a notch with some thoughtful, interactive entertainment. Reach out today, and let’s get your party started! 


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