“Nice to meet you, Lauren. So, what do you do?”

“Nice to meet you, Lauren. So, what do you do?”

I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of fantastic networking lately.

And I’ve drilled down my answer to be succinct and clearly state what I do:

Ansley Corporate Entertainment provides engaging and interactive entertainment for corporate meetings and events.

*Note: Subject to change and evolve if/when I come up with something snazzier and more captivating.

Still, it’s a good answer, and I like it!

My response provides a nice opening for further conversation and follow up questions, but it also provides enough context in the moment.

So, in that spirit, I also present to you a succinct visual of what we do.

…And I’ll also add we’re now booking holiday parties… Just in case you missed the strategically placed Santa hat!

And YES – we offer both in-person and virtual entertainment.

Tell me about your upcoming event by completing the Contact Form, and let’s talk about your plans and how we can further enhance them with some interactive and engaging entertainment!

~ Lauren Ansley, Founder and Chief Entertainment Officer, Ansley Corporate Entertainment

PS: Let’s connect on LinkedIn!


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