Friday Funny – August 20, 2021

Friday Funny – August 20, 2021

This one’s a bit of a brain teaser.

Welp, here we go again. With the rise in COVID cases, looks like some companies are going back to fully remote working or extending their plans to keep their teams remote now.

Here are three easy ideas to keep your teams connected while working remote:

1. Virtual Water Cooler Breaks – Host a virtual meeting with breakout rooms. Label each breakout room by topic (i.e. Sports, Music, Netflix Shows, etc.) to encourage conversation within the rooms. Give employees the ability to pop in and out of breakout rooms, catch up with team members, and briefly connect without the need for a formal meeting structure.

2. How About “Fun Fact Friday” – Use your internal messaging service (i.e. Slack or Microsoft Teams) and encourage employees to post a fun fact about themselves. Kick it up a notch by having them list one thing that’s true and one thing that’s false and have people vote for which is the right answer, encouraging conversation and connection.

3. Host a Surprise Happy Hour – Encourage your team to de-stress by scheduling a meeting, but really it’s *surprise* a virtual HAPPY HOUR (no booze required)! Provide a much-needed boost of pure fun – take off to Vegas for an hour of virtual Black Jack, 3-Card Poker, and Horse Races with professional dealers – treat them to a mind-blowing Magic + Mind Control performance to encourage their child-like fascination – or book a Professional Comedian and watch the stress melt away into laughter.

BTW – yes, we host all those experiences and many more. Contact Lauren to talk about options for your own Surprise Happy Hour experience and how we can delight, de-stress and engage your team.

Interested in a Surprise Happy Hour to reward and de-stress your team? Click here for more entertainment ideas.

In the Spotlight: Lauren Ansley Her(my)Self!

*Shameless Self Promotion in 3..2..1…”

Fun Fact: The craziest thing I ever did was jump off a 40 foot cliff into the Pacific Ocean while on vacation with my family in Hawaii. The second craziest thing I ever did was quit my job and sell my house to self-fund and officially launch my own comedy show production company.

Six months later, Covid hit and all my shows were cancelled. *Talk about comedic timing!* So, I started offering virtual entertainment, partnering with some of the best entertainers – magicians, musicians, comedians, trainers and more – and creating custom employee engagement events online for companies with teams working remotely. In December 2021, I hosted 25+ virtual holiday parties for companies around the globe.

Now, I create unique and customized experiences for my clients. Let’s create something perfect for your upcoming virtual meeting or event.

Learn more about our range of offerings and entertainment packages here.

Beerly Funny Partners with Local Venues

Our Beerly Funny live comedy shows are designed to create moments of joy and laughter, support local businesses, and elevate comedy as an art form. Each show features a unique and special selection of comedians.

And we partner with some of the coolest, local venues located in the Mooresville, Waxhaw, Davidson, Lincolnton, and Charlotte, North Carolina to create incredibly fun, professionally-produced stand-up comedy shows. Check out our upcoming live comedy shows at


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