Two Tips to “De-Awkward-ify” Your Virtual Meetings

Two Tips to “De-Awkward-ify” Your Virtual Meetings

How many times has this happened to you… You hop on virtual meeting and… *crickets.* No one is talking. The silence is deafening.

We’ve attended a few networking events like this, and *phew* yeah. It’s awkward. And it sets an awkward tone for the entire meeting.

A client recently reached out to us after they hosted a happy hour event with a new team where this happened. And it makes sense. Because it can be hard to develop rapport in a virtual setting, especially for a newly formed team.

So… what do you do? Well, besides hiring us? *smiles*

Here are two tips to help “de-awkward-ify” your next virtual meeting:

1. Crank Up the Volume! Play Music As People Enter the Room

Eliminate the awkwardness by eliminating the “crickets!” If you’re on a Zoom call, here’s how to do it:

– Share Your Screen
– Go to the “Advanced” Tab
– Check “Share computer sound”
– Select “Music or Computer Sound Only”

– Hit “Share”

We really like these play lists: Disco Hits and Guardians of the Galaxy

Pro-Tip: Put the music on low (1/3 volume on YouTube is typically good) and be sure to make sure the early birds can hear the music as they hop on.

2. Kick Off the Meeting With a Quick Ice Breaker

Here are a few examples of ice breakers. Tell us about your group, and we’ll be glad to suggest a couple in particular that you might like.

*Bonus Idea* Say “HELLO” when people hop on the call

People LOVE hearing their own names, plus it lets them know you’re happy to see them, and it sets a positive and welcoming tone for the meeting. If you’d like our help in “de-awkward-ifying” your virtual meetings or if you’d like to host a fun and engaging team event that will make your employees feel valued and energized, contact us.

A Message from Lauren: What’s in a name? I’ve changed my business name to “Lauren Ansley Presents” (from Lauren Ansley Comedy Productions) to better reflect the breadth and depth of our virtual meeting and event services.

I’ve also given myself a promotion to “Virtual Event Concierge.” I keep telling myself the raise is coming… but so far, crickets… HA!

Let’s connect and talk about the ways we can impress your team or your clients. Contact us and let’s get your party started!


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