Energize Your Team With Virtual Music Bingo!

Energize Your Team With Virtual Music Bingo!

What if you could give your team a fun and creative mid-day energy BOOST to help ward off those afternoon productivity slumps? Virtual Music Bingo is an incredibly fun game full of ENERGIZING music with a Professional DJ!

We handle all the details – bingo cards, music selection, and game play. Plus, we’ll happily host the event on our Zoom account! Simply provide a handful of prizes, and we’re in business! DJ Jeff will even take song requests in advance if you ask nicely. *smiles*

Activity Length: 30 minutes

Bonus Idea: Couple this with another activity, like Team Trivia or a Scavenger Hunt to round up a full hour of entertainment.

Recommended Group Size: 10 to 100+ people

Why It’s Perfect: Music is a natural mood booster that instantly invigorates! It’s also been shown to help improve both cognitive performance AND productivity, ESPECIALLY in adults.

You’re Invited

Join us at our Virtual Music Bingo sampler event on Thursday, May 13 starting at 12 noon EDT!


Interested in giving your team a mid-day energy boost? Contact us today.

A Message from Lauren:

When you find the RIGHT virtual entertainment, your team is energized – not drained – and everyone can actually have FUN and be totally engaged because they get to play along!

I love “thinking out loud” and brainstorming with my clients to come up with unique and tailored events that work well for THEM.

We take care of everything – selecting and booking the talent, coordinating and hosting the event, and ensuring all goes smoothly so YOU can have fun, too.

For more information about the different ways we can work together to bring more joy and laughter into your next virtual meeting or event, click here.


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