Try This 5 Second Mood Boost – Utilizing the Science of Smiling (Hint: Grab a Pen)

Try This 5 Second Mood Boost – Utilizing the Science of Smiling (Hint: Grab a Pen)

Grab a pen. Place it between your lips, and don’t let it touch your teeth. Hold for 5 seconds.

Now, place the pen between your teeth, and don’t let it touch your lips. Hold for 5 seconds.

Notice the difference? Did you happen to feel a shift in mood the second time around? Maybe a bit happier?

Interestingly, it’s been shown in scientific studies that smiling CAN ACTUALLY IMPROVE YOUR MOOD. So, not only do we smile WHEN we’re happy, but smiling can actually MAKE us feel happier!

Fascinating right?! OK, let’s take it a step further…

A study showed that a big teethy smile (show off those eye crinkles!) was shown to help RELIEVE STRESS FASTER vs. not smiling. Even. If. You’re. Just. Faking. The. Smile.

WHAT?! Crazy, right?!

Bottom line: “Fake it til you make it” actually works for smiling! We smile when we’re happy, and smiling can actually make us FEEL happier. The more we smile, the happier we feel, and the better we can cope with stress.

So it stands to reason that providing others with real reasons to smile can also help THEM feel happier and cope with stress better. And wouldn’t you want to do that as much as you possible could?

Seriously. Give it a try. Grab a pen. Try it out. Could you tell a difference?

Source: How We Grin to Bear It: The Science of Smiling

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Thanks for reading, and keep smiling!


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