The Time I Hosted 25+ Virtual Holiday Parties

The Time I Hosted 25+ Virtual Holiday Parties

Yeah. I’m tired.

December 2020: The month of virtual entertainment. And I did it all while not wearing shoes.

I hosted, emceed, coordinated and produced over 25 custom holiday parties – all 100% VIRTUAL.

What’s my secret? I’m not telling! *smiles* But I will tell you a BIG reason for my success is that I am skilled at selecting and partnering with the BEST in virtual corporate entertainment…

Entertainment Featured:
– Comedy
– Trivia
– Magic + Mind Control
– Live Music
– Mixology
– Hosted Party Games (and more!)

What an amazing adventure. It’s all about #engagement and fighting Zoom fatigue through fun, interactive, engaging #entertainment. And we’re just getting started.

My January calendar is getting filled up, too. This is my life now. And I’ve got more things planned in the new year. So Look Out!

But for now… I’m taking a nap! Zzzzz…


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