6 Easy Ways to Bring Some Much-Needed Comic Relief to the Workplace

6 Easy Ways to Bring Some Much-Needed Comic Relief to the Workplace

Things are weird right now. Boost morale and employee engagement and ease tension with the healing power of laughter. We could all use more of it in our lives right about now! Consider incorporating one or more of these at your company. Click to download the full PDF.

1. Laugh of the Day

Kick off meetings with a “Laugh of the Day.” A funny quote, story, or joke. Employees could take turns sharing their favorite joke. Just be sure to mention any content restrictions in advance to avoid a visit to HR!

2. Bring on the Dad Jokes!

We wouldn’t normally recommend these, but desperate times call for questionably funny measures. Now is the time to embrace the cheesiness! Kick it up a notch with a little friendly competition with a “Dad Joke-A-Thon.” Jokes with the most “groans” wins a prize! Employees vote for their favorite – or in this case, their LEAST favorite!

3. Does This Look Funny to You?

Keep the hilarity going with a funny meme exchange. You could even pick a theme per day or week, etc. And may the best meme win!

Theme ideas: TV shows, Disney characters, pop culture, TGIF, etc.

4. Did Someone Say “Online Happy Hour?”

Unwind with a virtual “happy hour” at the end of the work day. Alcohol is optional, laughter is encouraged, and no one needs to worry about the bar tab. (Boy what we wouldn’t give for the chance to see our friendly neighborhood bartender right now, but we digress…)

5. LOL for Realz

It sounds weird, but you’ll see for yourself that laughter really is contagious. Have one person start by laughing loudly – fake it til you make it. Trust the process. It won’t be long before the whole group will erupt with genuine laughter!

6. Host a Virtual Comedy Show

What better way to create laughter than with a LIVE stand-up comedy, now from the comfort of your own home? Beerly Funny will work with you to build the perfect custom, virtual comedy show experience for you and your audience. Flexible packages are available. Great for client appreciation events and fundraisers, too!

Bonus: Gratitude Goes a Long Way

Invite employees to share what they’re grateful for. Shifting from a place of worry to a place of gratitude will help lift anyone’s spirits. Pro Tip: Engage the “influencers” (aka the unofficial leaders – those employees their peers look up to and follow) early on to help build traction.

We hope you’ll consider incorporating one or more of these techniques. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Beerly Funny’s Virtual Comedy Shows or other comedic offerings, please contact us. We’d love to work with you to create the right offering for your audience.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more comic relief, upcoming events and more. Web: http://www.beerlyfunny.com. Email: comedy@beerlyfunny.com

About Us: Beerly Funny is a one stop comedy show experience founded by Comedian Lauren Ansley. We are passionate about creating moments of joy and laughter, supporting local businesses, and elevating comedy as an art form. We are based in Charlotte, NC, but our virtual comedy shows are now available locally and nationwide!


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